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Warm congratulations Zhejiang Weide Kang Electric Co., Ltd. Science and Technolo

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Inaugural meeting of the scene(一)
Inaugural meeting of the scene(二)
Inaugural meeting of the scene(四)

Order to improve the company’s level of technological innovation, promote enterprise technological progress, and take full advantage of the national Association for Science and Technology platform for the development of high-tech industries, long-term consultation brewing Zhejiang Wei Dekang Electric Co., Ltd. decided to establish the enterprise CAST, this city Association for Science and Technology led by the strong support and help. Yueqing City the CAST leadership attaches great importance to repeatedly listen to reports, the specific requirements of the preparatory work under the guidance of the Municipal Association for Science and Technology, in accordance with the procedures to build the company CAST, rapidly and effectively carry out the preparatory work of the enterprise CAST. Establishment of Zhejiang Weide Kang Electric Co., Ltd. Science and Technology Association Preparatory Leading Group, headed by company chairman Cai Fuqiang, the official launch of the preparatory work of the enterprise CAST.
March 30, 2012, Zhejiang Weide Kang Electric Co., Ltd. Science and Technology Association, set up in the white elephant. The inaugural meeting of the main process is divided into ten stages: the introduction of the preparation of the Wei Dekang CAST; read Weide Kang CAST charter; Weide Kang CAST members Weide Kang CAST articles of association; read the list of candidates; Weide Kang CAST membership lists; Weide Kang CAST members will elect the Association for Science and Technology Chairman, Deputy Chairman, the Secretary-General; enterprise CAST Chairman declared elected to pay the Chairman, the Secretary-General staff; new when to declare the election CAST Chairman stand to speak; City Associations and other department heads to speak; the end of the Assembly. The Association name, nature, purpose and mission.

Association Name: Zhejiang Weide Kang Electric Co., Ltd. Science and Technology Association (CAST). The nature of the \
Association: Zhejiang Weide Kang electrical science and technology workers of voluntary organizations, mass organizations, academic CAST
organizations. Association
purpose: to unite the Company’s scientific and technological workers to adhere to the "science and technology, people-oriented" spirit of enterprise around the center of the company to carry out mass scientific and technological activities, and promote the growth of talent and improve and promote the development of the Company, represent the interests of the company’s science and technology workers, to reflect their views, and protect their interests, to serve the business and technology workers.
Association task: to assist the company leadership to do a good job of ideological and political work of the scientific and technological workers, advocating the entrepreneurial spirit, the spirit of science and scientists work ethic. The

Association members and the appointment of the situation: the President
: Cai Fuqiang
Vice Chairman: Jinling
Secretary-General: Li Pei Rong
Members: Caifu Jiang, Jin Ling, Li Pei Rong, Nian Xiao Yong, Cai Weiwei Cai Nini, Huang Xueqin, Cai Hangkai,

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